VTC, a private service for tourists in Toulon

The Best Private Driver !

VTC, a private service for tourists in Toulon

Pour partir à la découverte de la ville de Toulon, Excellium Limousine vous propose la location d’un VTC avec chauffeur privé. Vous avez la garantie d’un service de qualité et profitez du savoir-faire et de l’expérience d’un chauffeur professionnel.


Excellium Limousine favors the professionalism of its drivers

Excellium Limousine is the guarantee of quality service thanks to the professionalism of its drivers and its fleet of vehicles. This agency puts everything in place to fulfill the needs of everyone. Whether you are in a group or privately, you will find a car adapted to your needs.


Toulon is a city known for its mountains, ports and beaches. Situated between land and water, this city has everything you need to please a tourist. VTC Hyères Services offer a wide range of benefits to customers. It’s the best way to get around Provence indeed. This transport company also offers a concierge service that takes care of all your reservations.


Go around the city of Hyères without any stress

Doing tourism in Hyères is a better choice to discover the monuments of the region. With a comfortable car like the limousine, you can easily travel the whole of the Côtes d´Azur. It’s a better way to enjoy everyone during your stay in Toulon.


Excellium Limousine is a transport agency that is specialized in the rental of limousines with drivers. She favors quality in order to guarantee better service to her customers. Thanks to its concierge service, this transport agency takes care of all your bookings.


The importance of renting a prestige car

Renting a car with a driver lets you know how much you will pay for the trip. It’s an important way to save some money, unlike a taxi service. Harbor city, Toulon has several beaches which will make you live a memorable experience in Provence.


As the main naval base, this city has a remarkable port where you can find warships, submarines, fishing boats and many others. You can choose to take a tour of the city’s most popular tourist spots. The drivers of this company can help you to make a visit of the famous Mont Faron.


VTC, a private service for tourists in Toulon

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